Maui Mikes Fire-Roasted Chicken

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"Visited for the first time a week ago, loved it, absolutely the best chicken ever, 4th time in Oahu, first time we stopped by, wished we would have discovered it earlier, back in Chicago now, wrote a Trip Advisor review, keep "fire roasting." Thank you for the best meal ever!" -- Linda & Lou, Chicago, IL

"Just moved to Hawaii in August and the first place suggested to my family and I to eat at was Maui Mike's. Of course we tried it and have fell in love with the place. The staff is the best and the food is far above amazing. Now we can not wait to have visitors so we can give them a taste. All this talk I think we will go tonight for dinner. YOU ROCK!" -- Chad L., Schofield Barracks, HI

"Think slow cooked, juicy, tender, mouth-watering comfort food. Maui Mike's is all about serving the best rotisserie chickens on the planet, hands down. ... One taste of these down-home eats served with plenty of Aloha will have you hooked." -- Island Homes Collection Magazine

"I went to Maui Mike's the other evening and needless to say Maui Mike's was the best roasted chicken I have ever had. Service was awesome along with the food. I will of course stop by many more times." -- Matt B., Pearl City, HI

"OMG! Me and my buddies eat at your place all the time!! You seriously have the best chicken sandwiches ever! I love Maui Mike's!!! :-) .....Your chicken rocks my socks off!!" -- Stephanie H., Schofield Barracks, HI

"Maui Mike's has the best chicken I have ever eaten! It sure is nice to have a refreshing atmosphere and great food to eat. The staff there is friendly and has OUTSTANDING customer service, something you rarely see these days! Keep up the good work and open more restaurants all over Oahu so wherever I am I can enjoy your onolicious chicken! YUMMY..." -- Gwen, Wahiawa, HI

"The best chicken on Oahu can be found at Maui Mike's."
-- Oceanic Time Warner Cable, "Around Hawaii"

"My husband and I LOVE your store! Me especially! Seriously, we go almost every weekend. I'm also glad that you are now open on Sundays as well. ...I also think that the employees who work there are great also. Great bunch of people. So thank them for giving great service. We love your chicken, and your chicken is the best I've ever tasted! -- Hollie H. Honolulu, HI

"Been in and out of Hawaii for 35 years and yours is the best chicken! The lava hot dippin' sauce is our favorite... Any chance the recipe is available anywhere? Thanks for some good meals." -- Bob P., Bremerton, WA

"Maui Mike's reminds you how good chicken can be."
-- Honolulu Weekly

"I smelled your chicken in my office one day, my co-worker brought some in for her lunch, my mouth watered while she wiped out her lunch. Today I had your chicken for the first time and it was awesome. Now I have to go back and try more of your menu!" -- Sandy, Kapolei, HI

"Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your chicken. I'll be leaving the island in a few months and am going to greatly miss your food. Hope to come back a long time from now and see that you're still going strong." -- William P., U.S. Army, Schofield Barracks, HI

"I love your food!!!! I moved here from Chicago in March, and this was one of the first places that my cousin took me when I got here. He is in the Army and everyone that works at Schofield knows about Maui Mike's. I miss the good food from Chicago and your food helps make it easier. Thank you!!!!!!" -- Claudia R., Ewa Beach, HI

"For surfers headed to the North Shore of Oahu, Maui Mike's is a must-stop on the way (located in Wahiawa on Kam. Hwy. across from McDonalds) for excellent food that's fast, filling and so delicious! Roasted to perfection daily, their chicken is fall-off-the-bone tender with a variety of dipping sauces that is absolutely scrumptious." -- Womens Surf Style Magazine

"Now that I have had THE BEST CHICKEN ON THIS PLANET, I will never be able to enjoy any other chicken again. Maui Mike's is by far the most outstanding, delicious chicken anywhere. I crave your food every day. Keep up the good work!" -- Muntzi V., Seal Beach, CA

"This was by far the best chicken EVER and some of the best eatin' we did while on vacation on Oahu! Can't wait to get back to the island and visit Maui Mike's again! Couldn't get enough of the cookies either :)" -- Steve and Emmie, Savannah, GA

"I have lunch and dinner at Maui Mike's in Wahiawa about 7-10 times a month. I eat there as often as I can because the chicken is delicious and the service is great. The cooks and cashiers know me and my family and they are always very polite. I will continue to eat there because the chicken is awesome and the service is great, that is what I am looking for when I dine out. Please continue and you will only prosper." -- Samantha, Wahiawa, HI

"Maui Mike's chicken rules the roost and is worth the drive."
-- Gail Jennings,

"Hey dude, great food! My officer buddies and I started looking for a place to get together for lunch... and we've decided that Maui Mike's is it. Always good food in a laid back atmosphere. We'd love to see you open more around the island. Thanks." -- Ryan N., Waipahu, HI

"I was on Oahu for 2 weeks and during that time I ate at several restaurants but your food and SERVICE was by far the best! Now I am back in Texas and having Maui Mike's withdrawals! We ate there THREE times in that 2 weeks! The staff was so friendly and the chicken is AMAZING! Please tell me you are planning to open up more Maui Mike's on the mainland...don't deprive us!:) I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the food and atmosphere at Maui Mikes and I hope you plan to open more, if not I am going to have to figure out how to get some Maui Mike's shipped to Texas! Mahalo for the best chicken I have ever had! Aloha." -- Cindy, Austin, TX

"Thank you for the Maui Wowie Sandwich. Very ono!! You have a winner!! I will bring in my two grown boys for a treat at your place soon. Mahalo plenty." -- Helen, Straub Clinic, Kaneohe, HI

"You already know that your stuff is the best. My family eats there at least 2 times a month. Not only do you have the best chicken in the world, but probably also have the best service in the world. Everyone gets things done fast but with a laid back style. I don't know how you do it, but keep on doing it please." -- Michael C., Wahiawa, HI

"We just happened to pass your restaurant on the way to North Shore with the convertible top down and then this wonderful smell filled the car!! We had to turn around and check it out - OMG!!!!! Your chicken has to be the best chicken we have ever had! We were so impressed that we were trying to figure out how soon we could fly back out to Oahu to get more since we were already near the end of our visit. The sauces were awesome (Lava Hot and Ranch) and the Cajun fries were awesome. We took our food to-go and headed out to Waimea Bay thinking we would eat it there, however the chicken didn't make it that far! We ate it as we drove and got messy all over the rental car - oh the bliss - we shall return!!!! -- Chris and Debbie, Atlanta, GA

"We stopped by on our way to the North Shore trying to find a local place to eat. You did not disappoint. The food was great, the place had character, and the employees were very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this place." -- John V., Huntington Beach, CA

"Hey braddah Mike and great ohana Maui Mike's restaurant, you are winners. Menus one fine onolicious menus. I like and love your foods as well as great customer services :))" -- Joseph K., Wahiawa, HI

"We were in Waikiki for our honeymoon. We took a drive to the North Shore and saw Maui Mike's on the way there. The hunger pains set in on the way back and decided to stop there for some grub, and boy are we glad we did. We loved it so much we had to take it home for dinner at our hotel. The staff, customers, and atmosphere were so amazingly friendly." -- Kyle & Lauren S., Indianapolis, IN

"The Maui Wowie chicken sandwich is the best chicken sandwich I have ever had. I tell everyone to get it if they have never been. The chicken is great quality. Awesome." -- Clay H., Wahiawa, HI

"I had a chance to visit your place three weeks ago while I was working with the guys at Schofield Barracks. I was there for four days and ate at your place every day. Man, your food was great, probably the best chicken I've ever had. We need a Maui Mike's here in the Philadelphia area! Keep up the great work. Good luck." -- Dave W., Malvern, PA

"Hey man, just wanted to let you know that your Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwich is awesome! Can't get enough. GOOD JOB!" -- Adam, Lake Jackson, TX

"Aloha! Today was the first time I tried your chicken and it was DELICIOUS!!! I had heard several good reviews, but just had to form my own opinion and needless to say I LOVE IT! I went with a friend, who is a regular, and enjoyed our lunch immensely. The food was great and the staff was wonderful. I have already told my husband that we will be going there for dinner sometime in the very near future! Mahalo for great grinds!" -- Evelyn, Pearl City, HI

"I've driven past Maui Mike's everyday for the past 3 years. Yesterday I FINALLY decided to stop by. The chicken is sooooo good I've eaten there TWICE in less than 24 hours! Mahalo, Maui Mike's, for da ono grindz!" -- Marc, Wahiawa, HI

"Best place to eat in Wahiawa. The chicken is awesome, good flavoring, great variety of sauces, the rice is just enough and the fries are awesome. It is a very original place and the atmosphere is very welcoming. I eat there all the time! Your employees are very friendly as well. The price is well worth what you get. I wish you continued success and it's good to have a great place to eat in Wahiawa." -- Josue' C., Mililani, HI

"Hey, I just want to say that I am hooked on your chicken. The first time I ate there was yesterday. Yeah, I went back for a second time in a row because it was that good that I had to get more of it. Much alohas." -- Uluihi, Aiea, HI

"I'm from Japan, lived here for 15 years now. Anyway, my husband and I went to eat your place the other day and we wanted to tell you that your chicken is awesome!! The roasted chicken is super juicy, tender and the BBQ sauce matches perfect! I had a white meat chicken sandwich, it was also really really good! Your french fries rule!! I recommended your place to Japanese tourists on the Sony Magazine website. We will wish you success and definitely stop by again and again and again =). Thanks for the best chicken on Oahu!!" -- Mako, Waipahu, HI

"Not only did I travel 5,000 miles to Hawaii to see my son, but also to taste the best chicken in the world. I have been to several barbecues and I've tasted a lot of chicken, but none stands out like yours. It is by far the best." -- Gerald P., Freeport, TX

"We tried your place for the first time on Saturday. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! Mahalo for the wonderful food!!! Service was fantastic...FOOD WAS AMAZING!! We couldn't stop talking about the food the rest of the day!! -- Dale P., Honolulu, HI

"We LOVE your chicken!!!! Our grandson, age 10, has been coming with us to get chicken ever since you opened and he tells EVERYONE that it is the best chicken anywhere, even better than KFC. When we were at the restaurant across the street, he asked the waitress if she knew that Maui Mike's had the BEST chicken. I order chicken for pot lucks, for a quick dinner, or whenever I don't feel like cooking, because it is so juicy, so ono-licious, and so healthy. We're glad that you opened a your first establishment in Wahiawa!! Aloha." -- Martha, Wahiawa, HI

"We just spent last week in Oahu visiting my cousin in the Army. We came across your place on our way to North Shore. ... Your chicken is awesome!!!! Definitely the best we've ever had!! Now that we are home we are yearning for more!!! We will definitely come back on our next visit!!...Mahalo!" -- Rod & Ruby L., Garden Grove, CA

"Hey bro, the chicken bacon blabla sandwich was the bomb!! We've been to Oahu twice and couldn't resist the pull of the Maui Mike." -- Rich, Tucson, AZ

"Keep up the good cooking. The best chicken in the world is at Maui Mike's!" -- Shirley R., Canal Winchester, OH

"I can honestly say that I have never had a bad experience in your place. The people are always nice and the food is always great. I must say though that it is very addicting. One time I ate there every day for a week!!! I can't wait for my mom to visit so I can bring her by! Thanks for the great food." -- Adriane, Wahiawa, HI

"I have to say that this is the best chicken I have ever had. You know the food is good if your kids pass up McDonald's every time for Maui Mike's. I am in the army and come by for lunch as much as I can. The chicken is excellent and the fries are jammin'. Keep up the good work." -- Audrey, Ewa Beach, HI

"Today is the first time I tasted your chicken and I have to say it is ONOLICIOUS! I ordered a half chicken thinking that I will eat some now and the rest later. I ended up eating the whole half chicken in one sitting. ... I am a loyal customer for life. Mahalo :0)" -- Leah M., Waipahu, HI

"Howzit? I miss Maui Mike's sooo much! I wish there was one here in Indy. Seriously, the best chicken I've ever had!" -- Ryan S., Indianapolis, IN

"I came in on the recommendation of my son-in-law and it is the best chicken I have ever tasted in all my 71 years!!!! I thought that Popeye's was good but THEY GOT NUTHIN ON YOU!!!!!!!! Many thanks for the great food and when I come and visit my daughter and her family I will be back as much as I can!! ALOHA." -- Donald L., Hope, B.C. Canada

"Just wanted you to know that we really enjoyed our visit to your restaurant. Your chicken was GREAT!! We were visiting our son (he's serving our country and stationed in Hawaii) and he said 'You have to eat at Maui Mike's! It's the best chicken in all of Hawaii!' So we did, and we agreed with him! Thanks!" -- Krystal and Todd, York, PA

"You serve hands down the juiciest chicken I have ever sank my teeth into. Me and my family buy from you at least once a week. Keep up the good work." -- Jacqueline O., Wahiawa, HI

"ONOLICIOUS!! My whole family loves to eat at Maui Mike's. We must eat there at least once per week. The Maui Wowie is off the charts, and my husband loves the #3 over rice. The fries are great too. How do you do it? I have eaten at a lot of chicken places, but this is absolutely the best I've ever had. Keep up the good work & great service. I will see you next week. Mahalo!" -- Vanessa, Ewa Beach, HI

"I really enjoy the food. This is the best chicken I have ever tasted. Everything is awesome, even the workers. Thank you!!!" -- Priscilla B., Wahiawa, HI

"I love your CHICKEN!!!!...The best on the ISLAND!" -- Dalia, Mililani, HI

"You guys have the best chicken I have EVER tasted! Mahalo nui loa! I love Maui Mike's!" -- Jacin, Honolulu, HI

"I have lived in many places and a few countries. I have tried the rotisserie chicken everywhere I've been. The best I'd had was in Vaihingen, Germany until I moved here. A friend took me to Maui Mike's within days of my arrival, and I've been coming there at least weekly every since. BEST CHICKEN AND SERVICE IN THE WORLD!" -- Sharon B., Mililani, HI

"When we visited Hawaii we had some very good food. On the last day of our visit we went to the North Shore and stopped at Maui Mike's. It was by far the best food we had during our almost 2 week stay. If we ever make it back, you will be a definite stop for us! PS The employees were wonderful as well." -- Amy H., Lexington, KY

"I just wanted to let you know that your Wahiawa store is the best place to eat on the island. I just returned from a 15 month tour in Iraq and the first place my family and I ate out at was Maui Mike's. I just wanted to let you know that my buddies and I were drooling 'down range' just thinking of your famous chicken. Thank you for the outstanding service and food your eatery provides."
-- Michael G., Wahiawa, HI

"We tried your chicken for the first time tonight and let me tell you it was delicious! My wife doesn't normally eat dark meat, and she sucked the bones clean! Thanks for having such a great place!" -- Jonathan M., Wahiawa, HI

"I love your chicken! In February, my sister who lives on Oahu brought myself and my family to your restaurant. We were visting her and it was our last day there. I really wish she had taken us sooner because I would of gone there a few more times! I love your chicken, rice, and the island teriyaki dipping sauce. I look forward to visiting you again in the future and wish we had a place like yours here in Connecticut. Thank you and keep up the good work!"
-- Lisa B., Monroe, CT

"I have eaten at Maui Mike's everyday for about a month straight now. Sometimes twice a day! I can't get enough! People ask me why I go there so much, and I tell them the honest truth: I cannot get enough! The crew and the service is outstanding, the food is amazing, and you simply can't find higher quality FRESH chicken anywhere else!" -- Mike, Schofield, HI

"Now days it's so hard to find affordable, all natural meat. This shows the rest of the world that we don't have to settle for chemically-laced chickens or meats. At Maui Mike's, no one has to sacrifice quality for affordable prices. You can have both. I am SO impressed with everything here. Anyway, just letting you know that your chicken is the best I've ever tasted. Please don't ever close down because I plan on bringing generations to come." -- Kara, Mililani, HI

"Always the best tasting food around. We love it there. The workers are so friendly and the chicken is out of this world. Thanks for a job well done!" -- Tracy G., Ewa Beach, HI

"We had been told from friends that we had to try Maui Mike's. Just absolutely had to try it. We finally took the advice, and WOW!!!! That is the best word to describe it. WOW, the absolute above all best chicken we have ever eaten in our lives. Thank you so much for your dedication to your customers. We are hooked and will be regulars in your establishment from now until we move again in three years. We will definitely spread the word around to our friends. Thanks again for such great food." -- Erica H., Wahiawa, HI

"Been a long time customer of Maui Mike's and when my tour took me off island for almost 2 and half years, first place I came back to was Maui Mike's and the people still remembered what my favorite order was. And it was sooooooo ONO >>>> bringing everyone I know to DA BESTEST CHICKEN IN DA STATE!!! Keep up the good work and wonderful staff." -- Renae, Pearl City, HI

"The chicken is so onolicious and the sauces are great. I tried every single one. And the fries, even though skinny, fill you up with flavor. I love chicken, but you sir have PERFECTED the taste of chicken to fulfill my taste buds. Keep up the great work. Your staff and the atmosphere is so home-warming with all the photos posted up." - Jennifer C., Kahuku, HI

"You guys are hot! We love the chicken! It's finger licken good!!! KFC got nothing on your chicken..." -- Carlos and Evelyn, Wahiawa, HI

"I traveled from New Jersey to Hawaii for my birthday, and a friend that lives there took me over to Mike's and OMG... is all I can say. The food is absolutely FABULOUS. I've never had chicken like this...and the fries...OMG... it's so so GOOD! I had to order another plate to go... REALLY!! My parents will be coming over to Hawaii and I told them that they MUST eat at Maui Mike's. Thank You for such a great food experience. Best Wishes to you all!" -- Tanesha L., Newark, NJ

"Best chicken and fries ever!!! 5 trips to Hawaii and this is my favorite spot that you can't paddle out to! ... Can't wait until my next trip to the island next month. Will go out of my way to get some!" -- Brian M., Tampa, FL

"Maui Mike's was the first place our daughter took us to when we arrived in Honolulu. The food was so great that we had to eat it once more before leaving to go back to the mainland. We just want to say Thank You for the amazing experience. Your staff was so friendly and the food...OMG, the greatest ever!!! We can't wait to come back, not only to see our daughter but to eat at Maui Mike's." -- Debbie A., Custer, OK

"Since we moved to Oahu from the mainland, we have been to the Wahiawa store several times. We LOVE it!!!!! The food is so delicious, affordable, and service is awesome! It's a unique restaurant; a no nonsense, easy going place to take the family. Everytime we have been there the staff is courteous, friendly, and always greeting us with a smile! Last night, we went again with our friends who are now hooked on Maui Mike's too! AWESOME PLACE, FOOD, & BEST OF ALL A GREAT STAFF!!!!! Thank you!" -- David & Laura M., Schofield Barracks, Wahiawa, HI

"I love Maui Mikes!!! The chicken there has to be the best I've ever had... And the staff are super friendly. We have to eat there at least two-three times a month... Thanks Mike!!!" -- Gina, Wahiawa, HI

"My parents traveled to Hawaii and I asked them to bring me one thing back from Hawaii and that's a Maui Mike's chicken. My dad enjoyed the food and brought my chicken over. And all I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU for giving it to them. It made it to New Jersey, and I am eating it for dinner right now, and it taste just as good as if I was there. All I need is the sauce and the fries. (LOL!!) Thank you so much, I appreciate it. You need to open one here in Jersey...LOL!! Maui Mike's will be my favorite place to eat in Hawaii. I will be back next year, so I'll be stopping by. Thanks much." -- Tanesha L., Newark, NJ

"Yo Mike, your chicken is off the chain bro! Them sandwiches and the patron got me topsey. Aight, thanks! - a train" --- Adam, Wahiawa, HI

"Awesome chicken!! Thank god there is a place that is reasonable and taste great, also so close to my home...staff is fantastic too! Keep up the good work!" -- Young, Mililani, HI

"I ate at your restaurant for the first time in February of 2008. I was staying at the Embassy Suites on Waikiki Beach for 2 weeks while my husband was there on business. Life was good. It was the best!!!! chicken sandwich I had ever eaten, the best honey mustard sauce, and the best french fries too. Well my husband is going to be there again on business but do I get to go? No!!!! Life is not so good. Have a good day." -- Judy M., Laceys Springs, AL

"This is by far the best chicken I have ever had. Don't ever change anything. Me and my family love stopping in just to get your chicken. We love it." -- Richard P., Wahiawa, HI

"Best chicken I've ever had. Chicago is know for its eats but this tops them all. Keep up the good work!" -- Rob E., Chicago, IL

"Mike, I just want to tell you that you have the best chicken sandwich that I have EVER eaten, and I've been to four continents so far. I will continue to eat at your fine establishment as long as I live on this island! Mahalo brother!" -- Trey W., Wahiawa, HI

"My husband and I LOVE to eat at your place!! The Maui Wowie Melt is the best chicken sandwich I have EVER had!! When people come to visit, you're the first and last place we take them to eat! WE LOVE YOUR FOOD AND THE SERVICE!! Everyone is very friendly and I love how even when the place is so packed you can't even get in the door it still doesn't take a very long time to get our food! I'm glad you guys are so close to us!" -- April S., Wahiawa, HI

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